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Thread: A nice get away from it all..only 500k

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    A nice get away from it all..only 500k

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    Nice. A bit out of the way, and probably shrouded in rain and mist for most of the year, but nice! Bit remote for a weekend getaway though.

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    Lovely place!!
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    wow. now that is an investment.

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    First thing I would do is torpedo the salmon cages....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrislumox View Post
    wow. now that is an investment.
    if you like tying your money up in rock that won't appreciate!
    they sold all sorts of little rocks in the Hebrides for silly prices back in the 80's and 90's

    Eorsa of Mull went for something stupid like 300k
    its only about a half mile wide and 3/4 long!! thats a rock not an island!

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    Very nice i will put it to the wife after tea see what she says

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    Ha ! I saw this in The Field last month and spent the entirety of the tube ride to work dreaming about it !!

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    I think a lot of big investors will be put off by the the mad ideas of the Scottish government.

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