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Thread: SCHMIDT & BENDER PMll 5x25x56 P3 illuminated

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    SCHMIDT & BENDER PMll 5x25x56 P3 illuminated

    I have been offered an Ex-Demo(un-marked) S&B PMll P3 reticule 5x25x56 illuminated at very good money
    £1375.(£2100 new)I have the scope in my possession.
    Unfortunately I am all spent up after buying a new rifle. But if anyone is interested I can point you in the right direction..

    It also comes with a one piece Badger Ordnance 34 MOA mount(£300)


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    I'm always in the right place , just at the wrong time Niel!

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    I bought one a month ago , was looking forward to fitting it next week , now you have just blown all my excitment out the window

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    Keep your excitement levels high. They are wicked scopes. Tough enough to club seals, pretty heavy but at the end of the day they track through the adjustments perfectly and optically they are in the top range. Hold over becomes a thing of the past once you believe in adjustments returning to zero every time.

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    Disaster Me too bad timing, just bought a Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30x50mm

    Before you laugh, slag or ask why? It's a good scope I like

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    When it came into my possession, I too was cursing after just spending a lot of money on a new rifle.


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    If only the dizzy wife hadn't just smacked her car again ...nah, who am i kidding? She'd only spend it on some bloody rugs, curtains, etc

    I've been drooling over that bloody scope all month.

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    MMMNNN Luvverly 8)

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    are you dribbling again!


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