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Thread: Hello there!

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    Hello there!

    Im new to the forum. Im in North Northumberland, out in the wilds. Just moved there so I have no permissions at all round the doors but I do have 12 acres to occupy my at the mo. This includes a 5 acre broad leaf wood in which I spotted the first large Roe Doe at the beginning of the week.
    Ive shoot air rifles since I was 5 (52 now) and shot guns for as long as I can remember too. I don't have an air rifle now but would like a one of these Daystate Airwolfs. I do shoot .410,20,16 and 12 bores. I took up rifle shooting about a year ago and am now a member of the Tyne Valley Rifle club and thought I would do a year or so there before I started stalking. Just about ready to start now. I have had a .22lr for some years for rabbits etc, but have bought a T3 in .243 and a SSG 69 in .302. Im pretty happy with these rifles now. I load my own centre fire rounds on a Dillon 550b.
    Im not exactly new to shooting but I have a lot to learn.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thank you John

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