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Thread: What's the weirdest shooting positions you've ended up in?

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    What's the weirdest shooting positions you've ended up in?

    just thinking about some of the weird positions I've ended up in trying to get a sound shot in. Some that spring to mind are:

    hanging off round the back of a high seat to against a branch to get a crack at a fox

    couple of lefty shots and I'm a righty from vehicles

    lying sideways in a wet reedy marsh to get a shot up the hill after a good long wet crawl

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    Out with my dad one night sitting against a stone dyke, I noticed a roe deer to my right behind my dad, I asked him to scoot down a bit so I could put the muzzle above and just past his head.....I somewhat underestimated the sound level and shock wave that close to the muzzle! he was swearing and cursing me and I saw the hair on his head "waft" as I fired....

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    Backwards in a vehicle shooting one handed with a shotgun at a fox!
    Result was a fox and a very bloody,broke nose

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    Off my dad's shoulder (he covered his ears....) not very stable too
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    lying on my back feet off to the left with rifle making the right leg of the vee to get a bipod shot on a slope too steep to shoot normally...worked but not ideal

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    I was in an open high seat in Germany I got caught very short and could not make it to terra firma in time so I had to hang over the doorway with my kags down and do my business and then wow I saw a good buck undisturbed by the commotion/pong, so I got up and dropped him with my kags still around my ankles.
    Naturist stalking?
    Try to imagine it.
    I am so fortunate that it was a very isolated high seat and I did not have the nerve to tell the host of the story.
    Shooting position was normal just my sartorial condition at the time.
    I guess that rules me out from any guided stalks eh?

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    Sitting on the ground behind the driver-side tire of a police car, shooting a revolver left handed, over my head, backwards, and over the hood of the car I was hiding behind while my right shoulder was dislocated. Had to reload with the gun barrel clamped between my knees. It was a little strange, but I was young.~Muir

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    what about this poor guy
    I should've tried that maybe I wouldn't have missed!!!
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    I spent a while as a GPMG gunner years ago, and we practiced that position every now and then, the number two's hated it, nothing like hot brass on your neck.
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    what about this poor guy

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