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Thread: Water Proofer

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    Water Proofer


    I've got goretex DPM jacket and trousers that I bought second hand. They smelt of fags when I bought them, so I washed them a couple of times with normal laundry tabs. I did the hose test on them last night and they leaked a bit. I'd like to proof them with one of those wash in jobs.

    Does anyone have a reccomendation for which one, and also what process gets the best results.

    I recall there was a thread about this previously and one of the members had an objection to a particular brand, but I can't remember the details and can't find the thread.

    Thanks for the advice.



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    I use the nikwax for my swazi, its just spray on after you wash it. I find it grand

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    I use the nikwax for my swazi, its just spray on after you wash it. I find it grand

    Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray On Spray On Waterproofer: Sports Outdoors

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    yes thanks johno, that's the one

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    Did you tumble dry them??

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    i find with the swazi a wee run in the tumble dryer works

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    Nikwax do a tumble dry version and spray as well - we stock the spray option:


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Thank you or this advice.

    I got some Nickwax on the way home and have given it a try.



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    Just a thought, in case you did not know most of the modern washing powders and tabs have colour enhancers and brighteners in so before you waterproof them best to wash them again with no additives, i found this helps to keep odours down and lessens the clothes standing out to the deer as they have an eye for enhanced or brightened colours within their spectrum of vision.


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    Leaking will likely be the seams. Seam Sealer is your friend.

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