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    Hi there

    Hi my names ben just a quick run down on me really.. iv been shooting for about 6 years! I started of with my trust anshutz .22 and 12 bore for rabbiting and the 12 for pigeons, crows ect. I then got into fox shooting with a good friend of mine who was using a 222 then i started to go stalking with him.he use a tikka t3 308! I have now got a Remington 223 to go foxing with and am in the process of applying for a 308, and once iv got that i want to do my do my deer management qualification and start stalking as i have a combined acreage over 3 farms of about 1200 acres and have a lot of roe and a few fallow! Im from the south west and shooting is my passion its more than a hobbie for me!!

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    hi and welcome to sd

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    Welcome to the site,

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