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Thread: Pair of Optilock 30mm Rings

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    Pair of Optilock 30mm Rings

    Got the big Swaro x56 back from the factory today and thought I'd stick it straight on the Tikka .17Rem but my 30mm Extra Lows are just too low. Bugger, aren't they always!!

    Anybody got a pair of the Lows going spare?

    According to the official bit of card the Lows measure 32.5mm/1.28" from the underside of the base to the horizontal ring split. My EL's measure 3.14mm odd from the underside of the ring to where the bottom of the 'scope tube sits so that gives a measurement of 5.14mm for the Lows.

    Blued or stainless... don't mind.

    Good stuff!



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    Still looking.......

    Unbeknown to Ed, the pair he sent down in good faith are a pair of higher ones that have been ground down and lost the locating boss and my existing screws aren't long enough so they're going back, thanks Ed.... not your fault.

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    TTT..... Still looking



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