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Thread: Why Ronan?

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    Why Ronan?

    Hi Ronan!

    Nothing more to say then: Its a shame...
    You are the first one of the SD, who did treat me like this, I wont believe it.

    Maybe worth a short article if I find the time later on this year....

    Your bad luck continues, this time its definetively pure homemade and an expression of your character.

    ​Very, very disappointed

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    A lovers tiff ?

    Have to curtousy to explain your personal comment / insult to someone or take it to PM, kind of pointless this

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    Thumbs down a kind of explanation...

    Hi All!

    Yes, it really needs some explanation:

    A Long time ago it was SD member Ronan asking for any legs / claws for preparing artifical tracks to train a dog.
    It was me, offering him to send him red deer claws, which I did.
    I didnt ask for any money, just for paying back the postage.
    Ronan was very happy with them, really pleased and told me to send the postage refund as soon as possible, plus some handmade flies as a big "Thank You".
    Till now, i never got anything back from him, no money, no fly, no further reply.
    First he answered my Pms with some very pathetic explanations, then no more answers at all, now he closed the chance to pm him at all...
    I already cancelled thinking about him, but yesterday afternoon I wanted to check and clean my pm folder and read the few correspondences with him again and again and it made me just feeling deeply disappointed.

    This is why I started this thread.

    As I wrote, thats the first and deepest disappointment I got so far on or through the Directory.. As I wrote: A shame...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    You can't win em all people are busy and some do the best they can and some fall short of what you would expect I wouldn't worry about it too much .ive met some great SD members and made a great friend but try and take it for what it is a forum I think you can get a bit too rapped up in it with politics Ect and I have been guilty of it myself ..... The wife would say did anybody die ! Move on is my advise .
    kind regards
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    2p worth and sorry if I'am out of line,
    ​but if I offer something for free I also inclued the postage within that offer but thats just me

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    Offering something for free is one thing, but then incurring the costs yourself for sending it? Nah, least the recipient can do is cover any expense...

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    I'd be happy to tie you some flies for sweet f.a and post them.

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    Don't stress about it mate, I know its disappointing when folks do this to you but it happens.

    Think of it like this, Its his loss if he would have treated you fair and stayed in touch he may have been treated to a fantastic German hunting trip.

    Plenty of tossers about mate but fortunately plenty more good lads to make up for it.

    When are you and Heini off to Finland must be soon as it turned out I probably could have made it never mind the lads say its an open invite so maybe next year as well as Austria ect ect

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