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Thread: Scotland 2007

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    Scotland 2007

    Back at the end of November 2007, I was up on the Mauld Estate, not far from Cannich (Inverness). Addie Fraser (left) is the stalker and on the right is Paul a friend from down here in SW England. We were about to set off for a day on the hill.

    For me, this is the best picture I took whilst we were up there, capturing a great moment as we got ready to go up on the hill.

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    This is capture the moment picture and not a caption categorie?
    Speech bubbles at the ready.

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    After the hunt.
    The time for respect and reflection.


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    Good evening Stag1933

    It looks as though you had a good hunt that day

    Did the hunt take place in Sweden or Finland, and what sort of dogs
    where used


    Fallow Stalker

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    stag you are taking the p155
    never got a chance with you entering a photo like that it looks impressive , sorry rob

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    Hi Guys.
    Southern Sweden.
    The beaters dogs are German Black and Tan long legged terriers, I don`t know the breed but they are very popular there.
    You can hear the little beggars yapping and barking at great distance and get some idea when you may have a beast approaching you.

    The pic. below is from another hunt on another day, I was unlucky here as the bull was shot by my Swedish friend, the `rifle` on my right, before it came to me.

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    The head on that looks enormous!

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