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    Evening all, I've opened my season nicely, (for a change)
    Went on the 2nd for morning flight, shorts and tee shirt weather, even at silly o/clock in the morning.

    Great to be back on the marsh. Saw about a dozen Mallard flying about 2 gunshots up, right down the middle of the river, well at least we've seen Duck, good start.
    Half hour later a small skein of Canadas lifted from the bottom end of the marsh, headed out to the middle of the river and headed our way.
    I gave them a few honks, and they changed direction and came towards us, a skein of about 10 Geese crossed in front of us at about 35yds, my mate went for the lead bird and I swung through on the wing bird
    I was well chuffed to see it fold and drop in the river, no bend in the barrels today and the dog did well, got it to the bank, and was trying to get it up a 3ft drop


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    Well done! I need to get out on the Marsh this year as well.

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    Congratulations! I had one shot at a pair of greylags last year but missed as I was calf-deep in mud, they changed trajectory to pass behind me as I mounted, and I couldn't reposition my feet, so I was trying to twist my torso through 180 degrees. And that was my lot for the season. I shall see if I can do better this year, baby permitting. And as long as someone clears up the mess on the bridge to Sheppey.

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