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Thread: Howa 1500 338 win mag

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    Howa 1500 338 win mag

    Howa 1500 338 win mag
    I am selling my Howa 338 as I need the cash and my Africa trip is not going to happen now

    Its a standard 1500 with black synthetic stock and includes a set of standard leupold bases and rings (25mm I think)

    Will also include a set of Hornady dies

    A good all round rifle, kills big reds with authority and just the job for Boar!!

    350 ono
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    Some one make me a sensible offer...........

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    This is a very under rated calibre in the UK. For long range bashing of big deer I don't think there's much to beat it.

    Good luck with the sale - I love my .338 but I don't think many folk have heard about it here.

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    If only i had the space :-(

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    I think it might be a bit scary for some members

    Btw that`s a good and cheap price,I would jump on it if it were in Aus mate @ $600 AUD`s.
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