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    I was recently on the telephone to a Bank speaking to a Miss Plum. First name? Victoria

    This reminded me of a guy I used to work with (a Mr Caddie) who named twin sons Terrence and Trevor - so two T Caddies?

    Finally, I was introduced to the four sons of a farmer - Nicholas, Richard, Michael and Victor (so Nick, Dick, Mick & Vic) although when I pointed that out they said I was the first to notice that (is that farmer speak for you're a ****?).

    Any other examples of stupid parenting?
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    Not really stupid parenting but I went to school with a guy called Craig Craig. He was named Craig as it was his mothers maiden name and had a different surname. His parents split up and he and his mum disowned his dad so he changed his surname to match his mums.

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    used to sail agains a bloke called J wood and yes he had a daughter called Holly!

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    When I worked at sainsburys as a butcher the meat manager was Wayne King , and at Laing super homes the build director was Mike Hunt , neither were ever called by tanoy they were always sent for.
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    I used to use a piece of test equipment called a Telegraph Distortion Measuring Set.
    It was made by a company called Wayne Kerr.
    It never did work very well .

    ps.. I saw one in a museum recently. You know you're getting old when that happens.
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    A friend of mine is a manager at barclays, she had to apologise for laughing when Russel Sprout came in to open his account.

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    Used to work with Dick Body and Dick Down.
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    I met a bloke called Euan Young once. I can imagine that he was glad that he didn't live in China....

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    A manager in a company I used to work for was called Plonker.
    It wasn't his name, it was just what we called him.
    Sorry, maybe that doesn't count.

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    I met a Mr Silver once.
    First name Sterling.

    I thought it was a joke until he gave me his Business Card

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