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Thread: Certificate fees update

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    Certificate fees update

    Dear All,

    Following discussion between BASC and the Home Office, BASC has been informed by the Government that there will be no increase in certificate fees this Autumn. Police representatives have been lobbying for fees increases with figures quoted from £92 to £250 for a five year certificate which currently costs £50.

    A working party will be set up, which will include shooting representatives, to look at all of the costs involved in licensing and the potential cost savings of using online tools and e-commerce in the process. This will mean that police cost figures will be subject to proper scrutiny. The working party will report back in 2015. There will also be a review of GPs’ role in licensing to find a solution which helps to protect public safety, is not burdensome to administer and which does not penalise the applicant.

    BASC welcomes the constructive way in which the Home Office and the Government have listened to and engaged with the concerns of people who shoot. Defra, as the sponsoring department for shooting, has taken a keen interest in the issue as has the All-Party Group for Shooting and Conservation and its chairman Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP.

    Fees have not increased since 2001 and an increase will ultimately be necessary. BASC is keen to see service-level agreements made with the police to see minimum standards of service introduced. BASC will work to see that any increase is proportionate, is matched by better service across the different police constabularies and is based on reliable cost figures.

    Any updates will be on the BASC web site


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    More excellent work from the BASC

    Thank you

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    First year with basc
    i feel my money has been well spent
    thank you


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    Well done BASC


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    No fee increase until 2015 at the earliest.

    Personally I foresee creeping cost shifts onto the applicant such as Durham's insistence of the applicant paying for a doctor's letter else they will not process the application.

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    Why would anyone allow Durham to hold them back by demanding a letter that is not required. ?
    I think some people just allow their Issuing force to bully them.

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    Fully appreciate that these matters are not a simple case of demand x, y & z so caveat all I say with that.

    Given drive issue is fees and that is leading into working practices, e commerce etc - and it seems GP reportage will be put on the agenda - is there scope to raise the game?

    Specifically to move away from the dogma focused ( with associated administrative burden ) on individual items and instead focus upon the person?

    I have in mind the established DVLA system and the accepted position for section 2 firearms - so not too off the wall.

    Not looking to hijack nor sidetrack original issue - but appears a natural progression. If a system of increased fees is established - no matter the 'win' at the time - on an intrinsically burdensome system, then it is entirely possible we become locked into ever increasing costs.
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    Thank you,

    yes there will be lots to go over i agree and its a good opportunity to review lots of things. But at the same time we are still taking the medical issue forward anyway.

    Increasing efficiency and consistency is key to keeping costs down for all concerned


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    Thanks for your work on this.
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