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Thread: Deerstalking Fair, 2014

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    Deerstalking Fair, 2014

    Apologies for missing another thread asking about this event, so I thought I would just update things a bit.

    The fair is planned for the 29th and 30th March 2014 and will again be held at the Border Union Showground, Kelso.

    The event is being sponsored by Swarovski Optik and the prizes will be provided by them. Each day a pair of rangefinding binoculars will be won or if the successful guest would prefer, any product in their line to the equivalent value!

    Given the success of this years event, the venue is having to be expanded, to fill the back hall (including decent heaters!) and possibly extending the main hall with a large adjoining marquee.

    Again there will be trophy measuring from the CIC available over the weekend and after several requests following Rudi's seminar on dogs for deer, it will be likely that a practical tracking demonstration will take place in the grounds of the show with commentary on what is happening as it unfolds.

    A simulated stag drag is also planned, where for a small entry fee the fastest time dragging a sack of sand using a harness weighing 14st over 30yds wins a days Sika stag stalking (cull stags only) for two rifles!!! A disclaimer for all entrants stating their hearts are strong enough to enter must be signed, and just in case a paramedic will be on stand by.

    As promised for the first event, we think we managed to cover all aspects of the sport but we have looked at certain areas needing expanded on, this included reloading, taxidermy, dogs, custom rifle building and some of the services associated with that area. There will be more vehicles and ATV's there as well. Plus, Callum Ferguson from Precision Rifle Services will also be there offering advice over the weekend again.

    Hopefully all who came this year will feel it was a worthwhile event and plan to return in 2014. The traders who were all there certainly felt is was worthwhile and so far every one spoken to has intimated their intention to come back next year, plus several more already on board.

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    Looking forward to it.

    You do remember our agreement about 'neighbours' though?

    ​Do you want direct contact regards trade stands or will you be contacting previous traders etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray Outfitting View Post
    Looking forward to it.

    You do remember our agreement about 'neighbours' though?

    ​Do you want direct contact regards trade stands or will you be contacting previous traders etc?
    we will get back in touch with the traders...

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    Looking forward to it, have the hotel booked already.

    Ignore Andy's comments about neighbours, he means well bless his ever expanding power band

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    What is the line up this year Brian for it ,

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    Will the entry fee be similar to the last one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akeld View Post
    Will the entry fee be similar to the last one?

    Unfortunately the entry fee will have to be increased next year. There are several reasons for this.

    We managed to do it this year on a very tight budget, and as it was our first year at that venue with no idea of the likely outcome (success or failure!) we got it at a discounted rate and in turn to be fair to the public with that gamble in mind, offered the entry fee at a ridiculously cheap 5. We were actually criticised on a fe occasions for that price as it was a concern folk may think if its that cheap it must be rubbish! As its now going to be an annual event the venue costs alone will go up. To be honest were other costs that sprang up along the way as well, never mind the amount of extra unplanned for time we had to put into the organisation of it!

    Next year it is likely the cost of admission for an adult will be up to 10 but this will include free entry (on full price ticket only) to the draw to win a pair of Swarovski Rangefinding Binoculars each day (or equivalent value product from their range). Senior Citizens will be charged a discounted 5 entry and kids under 16 are free. Parking will also remain free. No doubt the odd one or two will not be happy about this increase but its impossible to keep it going or justify the work for what was charged this year, its as simple as that. Personally, I still think it is still fantastic value for money based on the comments from traders and the public who were there, but I'll let (hopefully) them perhaps comment on here with regards to that! We have a meeting with a company next week to see about the possibility of joining the two halls together with a large floored marquee to allow for more trade stands and offer more space for the public so at least for the extra entry fee the event itself will be much bigger.

    The smaller of the two halls will also be full and will host a lot of traders as well now with catering also being offered through there, as the main kitchen we think struggled a wee but on the Saturday to cope with the queues! The food was of high quality according to those attending and good value. The same caterers will be back but in addition they will bring things like haggis (good stuff) neeps and tatties, pulled pork etc and make it available in both halls to spread the crowds about more. We learned that surprisingly the bar was not in demand but that may have been down to the heaters not coping in that hall! That will be addressed as well next year. I also noticed that the more hospitable stands had the odd bottle open as well as tea, coffee and free biscuits and home baking! The SD stand looked better than Greggs thanks to Johns better half!

    We will be discussing things with BASC, SGA, SACS, FC and SNH to see what other educational products/stands they have that would be of interest at the fair. Scott Country, unless hit with severe snow again should manage with their range if night-vision kit which was sadly missed at this years fair. We have had interest from companies selling tick/insect repellent products and clothing, which we admit we overlooked this year, stick making, refrigeration units to name but a few and more ATV'S and 4x4 vehicles all inside this time.

    We are in the process of developing the website as well just now to be far more informative about who/what is coming so more details will be found there in due course

    We are hoping that a reloading expert will be on a stand to offer advice and answer queries on that subject over the two days and we are open to suggestions for new subject matter for a couple of short talks again. The dogs will feature anyway in that respect as it was so popular this year but any other suggestions will be considered. We wondered if a vet doing a short presentation on injuries and common ailments in working dogs and how to spot them in the field would be if interest?

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    Was at it on the Sunday last year and it was good well worth 5 quid. With the new traders, demos and using the bigger hall to dont think 10 is to much if anything to little. I will defiantly be there in 2014 and looking forward to it was good this year and sounds even better next year.

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    10 is a fair a realistic price (pity other fairs don't realise this) look forward to going

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    Can I suggest the introduction of a slightly discounted 'family ticket'? If everyone comes with me, as they did last year, it's going to cost me 40 just to get in which means less money to buy nice new shiny things!
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