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Thread: Hello from Norfolk

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    Hello from Norfolk

    Hello All,

    My name is Giles and I live near the coast in NE Norfolk, although I have done most of my deer stalking on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border where I lived until last year. I have a DSC1 and have been stalking in the UK for about 5 years although I began using full bore rifles as a teenager in the Army Cadets (.303) and then hunting antelope with an old .30-06 when I lived on a farm in Zambia as a younger man.

    For stalking I use a .308 CZ550 with a Schmidt and Bender 8x56 scope and a .243 Ruger M77 with a Zeiss 7x42 scope. For birds I have 12G, 16G and .410 shotguns.

    I currently have access to a little bit of CWD stalking in Norfolk but I'm very interested in getting further stalking in my area.

    I look forward to getting involved with the Stalking Directory and contributing where I can.

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    Welcome to the sd feller

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    Welcome to SD, from just over the county line........
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    welcome you cant be to far from me
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    Hello and welcome.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    welcome to the site, and where abouts are you in norfolk? i was born near kings lynn... used to shoot wildfowl on the cost nr hunstanton.

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    How on earth did I miss this/you Giles

    A warm welcome aboard, great to see you on here!!

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    Welcome Giles , I live in the same part of the county , but am a lot newer to rifles than you , spent the last 30 years plus using shotguns , now seen the light , great forum I must say.

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    Welcome giles straight shooting from bosstucker in north yorkhire

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