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Thread: deer related careers...

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    deer related careers...

    Instead doing a job i hate where i'm earning money in order to enjoy myself in my spare time i would rather work in a job i'm passionate about i.e. enjoying myself all the time. That's why i want to work either in the stalking industry or something deer related .

    So i have two questions:

    1. How many on here are actually employed in a job which is also their main interest, whether that interest is deer related or otherwise?

    2. What possible careers are there in this field and how do i go about entering some of the less obvious ones?
    So far i've been thinking along the lines of wildlife officer for the forrestry commission, professional stalker, owner or manager of a deer park/farm, vet (too late for that now ) or even gunsmithing.

    To throw some perspective in; i've got a gcse in food technology, hold a SGC and my FAC is suppoesed to be arriving in the next few weeks. I've been shooting, stalking and beating for years. Ready to take my levels 1 and 2 and will as soon as i have the time to travel. I will also probably either attend aberdeen university to read wildlife management, edinburgh for forrestry or a college such a sparsholt to study something like game management.

    Any ideas much appreciated!

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    Think youre headed in the right direction with the Aberdeen uni idea. 8) Those of us who are graduates of the school of life tend to be overlooked in favour of the paperwork, Steve.

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    Hi there,

    Not wanting to dampen your enthusiasm but pause to consider what can happen if you turn your hobby into your profession. You could find that all sorts of pressure is applied because you need the money and you lose the enjoyment from when it was your hobby.

    Conversely, somewhere inside yourself you know what is right for you. Have the courage to go with it and sod everybody else.
    Best of luck.

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    I would look into the forestry side of things as the next 25 years holds a potential vast change on our shores towards the attitude of trees. In there somewhere should be wildlife management, if not, just look for an additional course that will compliment the forestry to satisfy your needs.

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    Old Chinese proverb..........Find a job that you enjoy doing and you'll never have to work again !

    However, tread carefully, as Cyberstag's comments are very valid.


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    A good way to go certainly is get your Deer Managments Qualifications in the bag and gain as much experience as you can in deer stalking circles soon. In doing that you will meet a lot of people that will have great experience that will give you good ideas about which way to go.

    There are lots of directions but you will find that with more experience will come a better idea of how to do what you want to.

    My suggestion would be to certainly get your further eduction started because like has been mentioned it's all about those bits of paper and without delay work on your DSC levels asap. Once DSC levels are passed you have a bit more validity as a stalker.

    If you can get a good area to stalk you may find with a bit of experience, you will become confident enough to take clients out. This is where you have really entered the game and you may find taking on a lease becomes realistic.

    Whatever you do though, try and get the DSC levels done rapidly but good luck!

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    If you look at the web and see where government [especially the Scottish one] are trying to stear us you will see it's all very much enviromental and climate change.
    Forestry will have a huge part to play in this and government stratedgies are really pushing for more planting and woodland regeneration.
    Where there are forest there will be deer, deer need to be managed, so do forests.
    The deer industry is going to have to meet a lot of new challenges, nearly all of these will have woodland/environmental implications.
    I have been a pro stalker for 20 odd years now and have a pretty good cv, but I'm back doing a bsc in forestry!!!!!!!

    My advice is to get qualified in a field which will be in demand in the future ie ecology, forestry, land management, this will give you a starting point from there you can go of and specialise.

    Everyone wants to be a traditional stalker but I feel that in the future there will be a demand for people who not only can shoot deer but have a more formal education and can work on both the practical and scientific fields.

    I'm not sure of your background but pm me if you want and I can give you some contacts

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    AJWH you could always have a chat to jelen deer services and see if they could put you on the right track.

    In the early part of the year they were advertising for 4 novices/trainees to become part of there management team and were providing full training. [subject to location]

    They seem to have a quite comprehensive web site and provide training in many aspects of deer management.

    and good luck with your chosen career path

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    AJWH : I read you post with some trepidation you say your to old to be a vet well if your to old to be a vet your to old to be a gamekeeper or a stalker .

    The job of Stalker especially at this time of year is relentless your out in the morning when its barely light,you come off the hill when the light is fading fast ,you've then got 4 possibly 5 hours in the larder to complete the days work .

    If your single handed on a estate thats not mechanized you've got ponies to feed look after ,rifles to look after the ish these jobs are not all about pulling the trigger, thats the least thing you do I'd really look into the world of game keeping and stalking , before making any rash decisions.

    If your still up for it after contemplating the pros and cons, go and do the qualifications at Sparsholt college or Highland college at Thurso,just applying for a job theses day because it looks great and your into it as a hobby won't cut it with an employer , there letting you loose with there bread and butter also .

    Knowledge and experience in this type of work don't come easy take a couple of weeks off work, ask a Stalker if you can work with him to see what your in for ,working and hobby are a world apart .

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    Cyberstag's post is very relevant. An enjoyable hobby is a whole new thing when doing it professionaly either self employed or being employed. I receive 2 or 3 enquiries every month from folk looking to enter gamekeering or stalking and as a result have a page on my web site to try and help give folk some leads.
    Have a look at this page

    good luck with whatever you decide !

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