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Thread: Splitting Case neck

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    Splitting Case neck

    Ive got a problem with my 7X57 Mauser loads, I seem to be getting a few case necks splitting on their first or second outing. i also load for .243 /30-06 /.223 and never really had this happen
    the 7X57 load has not been changed for a number of years . I use Remmington brass and Reloader 19 with a 139grn Hornady sp Tip
    any idea's or tips would be appreciated


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    Case necks need annealing.
    Send me a PM if you are stuck.

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    Thought that might be the case (no pun intended)

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    I had that issue with a batch of Remington a while back (308) but not since: brand new cases and after two firings split.

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    I use Lapua brass, get multiple loads from each one, but you shouldn't have split necks from 1 or 2 loads ! Like Barkingsnake said, you may have a bad batch?



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    I had the same problem with a batch of Remington 30-06 brass. I dont use Remington brass as a rule as I've had problems with it in the past. Nothing catastrophic, I found it didn't last as long as other brands. As others have pointed out, it sounds like the brass is the problem.Try out some other brass, I suspect that will solve your problem.


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    Had that with a batch of winchester 308 cases, a few split early, the rest lasted for years.

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    This may sound daft but do check that the die is not working the brass too much. Faulty dies are not unknown.

    However it's most likely as pointed out an annealing problem.

    If you would like to try a different make of case I am sure we can oblige with a few to try.

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    Thanks for the replies chaps interesting to see one or two of you have had the same problem with Remington brass . I use Lapur in my 30-06 and .243 and like you say they last quite well
    Might struggle a bit to get 7mm Mauser in Lapur ,Ill have a look at the Game Fair next week or look into annealing my existing cases


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    The cases that I was using are Brazilian made TAP and RWS in 7x57

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