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Thread: Think I'm been had !!!

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    Think I'm been had !!!

    I've had a feeling for a while now one of my stalking permissions I pay handsomely for is doing a bit of double dealing !!! After having a conversation with a third party this week , I was enlightened that some one also known to me has been visiting this land often taken the deer and using my seats and other stuff for a while , land owner has told him where my cameras are and to avoid them !!!! So as you can imagine totally pxxxxd off . Any way I've set up.a couple of let's say covert cams to hopefully catch an unusual quarries , to provide me with some concrete evidence , lucky I don't leave the quad up there and an endless supply of fuel !! Any of you chaps had a similar dealing and how would you deal with it ??

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    simply move your cameras , fight sneaky with sneaky , get you evidance and stick it politely where the sun don shine !!

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    Get the pictures, confront the landowner, worst case you walk away with all you gear, although I would advise you to get your money's worth first....

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    V90i if your ringing and telling him your going up he's got plenty of time on his hands I would move the cameras and tell him you have taken a couple of them home then go up one time and ring him just before you get there 5mins away it's crap when you think there's someone else on your shoot
    ​ Atb Tom

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    if the landowner is allowing this to happen he clearly doesnot give a Sh*t, you can get all the pictures you want but it will only end up in tears, bad situation i know and i symithaise with you.
    but if this is your only stalking i would go easy in your appoarch overwise you could find yourself stalking less very quickly.

    that aside go at all random times (out of your normal pattern/times etc etc) and if you have to text the farmer youre going etc
    text him very regular even if you all of a sudden cant make it get me

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    I would delete this thread in case the said stalker is looking at it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baguio View Post
    I would delete this thread in case the said stalker is looking at it!
    +1 Jimbo

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    To be fair he's not really a stalker just a scroat trying to sell some venison !!

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    Some stalking and a permission are worth holding onto, even if its not just you on it, use it to the max, they are hard to find.IMO

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    Bugger that!!
    I would collect any evidence, write up a small claims court writ and present it to the landowner. Include costs for lost revenue, cost of writ and reclaim cost of stalking lease.
    He is effectively stealing something you have paid for and I'll bet if you stole something of his then he'd want compensation for his loss.
    Make sure your lease does specify that you have sole rights first, and if it does then take it all back off of him.
    He has done it once and he'll do it again.
    Alternatively calculate all the costs and tell him you'll be stalking for x amount of years without charge or you'll be going to the police ( if you've got big enough b@lls to follow this route)
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