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Thread: Sauer 101

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    Sauer 101

    has anyone bought one and if so - are they as good as a Sako?

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    Test driven & its typical Sauer quality, not as pretty as the 202 but cant go wrong with well built, smooth and reliable IMO

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    Picking mine up on Monday... Can't wait.

    Had the pick of pretty much anything up to 1.5k and the 101 got my vote.

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    Feels like Tikka 595 ugly cousin to 202 i feel the safety is huge improvement over 202

    101 in 308
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    Have had a play with a couple of 101's now, they look like a cracking rifle - I fully expect them to be a top seller, one thing I will say is when laid against a 202 you can see that they are not up to the 202's quality - but that's to be expected with the price difference.

    they will be as accurate as any sporting shooter/stalker will ever need and the whole thing about the shrunk fit barrel isn't that big a deal in my opinion as I know people who have had a rifle for literally 10+ years and put thousands of rounds through them and never needed to change a barrel.


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    Had mine (synthetic stock) for a couple of weeks now in .308 and very pleased indeed. I previously had a 202 with high grade wood but worried about the stock every time I got in to a high seat! My 101 is very accurate and sweet shooting. Nice trigger, good balance & good value for money. Incidentally I also bought an Aimsport Cyclone + which is remarkable. I can now see the point of impact which I had failed to achieve with previous 308s. There's a short review on my blog.

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    A mate of mine just bought a 101 in 30-06..and is very impressed with it at the range at least.... .hes up later in the month after reds with it...I'll have a try as well, looking forward to it too...

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    Awesome picture there, I think I might have to go back and have a play with one before I commit. An awful lot of money for a first rifle :S

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    gets a very good review in this months guns and ammo.

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    This is a very relevant thread for me, I've been toying with the idea of getting a rifle like this purely for deer, as I currently use a 243 for both fox and deer. Seems like good value for money as a synthetic version, shame there seems to be such a wide range in the quality of wood on the other version!! Some examples look rather nice and others look pretty naff. Good as a Sako? Only time will tell, but unless I'm mistaken you can't get a cheaper synthetic/blued Sako can you? That would edge it slightly for me

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