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Thread: More awesome NZ deer recovery

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    More awesome NZ deer recovery

    So I found this on you tube after looking at a previously posted you tube clip of deer recovery back in the 80's.

    This is a bit "industrial" but three things are amazing! The pilots skills, the shooters skills, and of course the scenery.....

    With out doubt there's going to be a few that find the "industrial" nature a bit hard to swallow.


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    I see what you mean about the "industrial" scale of things. Also noticed they are using a shotgun. There are several easily spotted head shots, fair play that boy can shoot!!

    Slightly different to the 0zzy and American helicopter pig hunts with semi auto rifles I've seen.

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    Those Kiwis are Cool F____rs!!!

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    Shooting from a Heli is very difficult! Good Pilot and gun combination.

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    I think the guy in that vid is using solids out of a shotty. Much more impressive seeing it done with an AR15

    This may interest some of you. A bit of history of the NZ deer industry
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    No two ways that lad can shoot

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    Proper NZ Legend.

    Those of you with deep pockets can experience Hunting NZ style at Minaret Station, with the next generation of the Wallis family.

    HOT one of the choppers in the above clip is still on the go, pretty much like Triggers brush now mind but with a better paintjob!



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