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    colin jamison new member

    hi all from county county down
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    new member colin jamison

    hi all from county down... i have been shooting for the last 34 years since i was 18 involved in all sorts of shooting woodcock pheasants partridge walk up and driven i have several shot guns 20 and12 bore i had .222 rifle to recently just sold it and now have 243 tikka t3 hunter for culling feral goats and hopefully some stalking

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    that was quick..this looks like a good site looking forward to lots of advice on loading and so forth

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    Its a very good site indeed.
    Can see some heated discussions but there is a wealth of knowledge on here as well as some very good eggs

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    Welcome to the site Colin

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    Welcome to the site, a little more about what rifle you shoot and what quarry would be nice please.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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