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Thread: knife sharpening

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    knife sharpening

    i read this idea the other day somewhere and found it was a very fast way to sharpen and it gave a razor sharp edge to my frost knifes, so i thought i would post it .

    i stapled some 1200 & 1500 grade wet/dry sandpaper to a peice of 6"x12" floorboard (one on each side) . i then followed what bevel i had on the knife (25 deg ) by eye and drew/passed the knife over the paper twenty times alternating and turning the knife each pass. i repeated the process then with the 1500 paper and finished off on an old leather belt with stroping compound .

    the edge was very very sharp you could have shaved with it (bald patch on my arm & chest will prove this) i have a landsky sharpening system but this was much much quicker and gave a sharper edge .

    my knifes had resonable edges on at time so did not require using lower courser grates ,if knife has no bevel or very blunt start with lower grades from 400 and work up .

    i fully gralloched two fallow last week after the deer the knife (mora frost) still shaved the hairs on my arm.


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    if it is that sharp you be careful with them new Leather sheath's

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    American Old Timer Schrade sharpenning steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caprelous View Post
    American Old Timer Schrade sharpenning steel
    I have one! watch out for imitations!

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    I have one too, Diamond steel gives better edge i find, the method with the wet and dry is a good one you can also use green oil paint on your strop as a honing paste.

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