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Thread: where to get started

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    where to get started

    im a seasoned air gunner but for a while now ive wanted to start stalking but what would be the best order to start off as in do i sit a deer managment course or go straight for my fac cheers in advance

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    Go have a stalk with a guide see if the bug bites then go see about fac and dsc 1 many on here will have been under the wing of an experienced stalker long before the dsc Started and that is another more traditional way to learn the ropes so to speak and a good hands on way to learn .i personally learnt the old fashioned way and still learning many feel the dsc is a must have qualification that's up to you it's not compulsory !
    Good luck
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    I think some do a few stalks and then DSC1; some do the qualification first and then start accompanied Stalking.
    Pros and Cons attached to each approach - no right or wrong answer.
    I was more comfortable with DSC1 under my belt before I started but I also can see why some do it the other way around
    Good luck with whatever you choose though

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    I personally did two stalks (paid for by the army lol) and then the bug bit. I completed DSC 1 then applied for my FAC.

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    so to book a stalking day i dont need my fac or to book my dsc 1 cheers lads

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    No chap ,be honest with your experience and soak up the info ,tell the guide your a novice and he will tailor the stalk to suit and hopefully get you a deer .he will have you on the range and shooting at a target just to satisfy as to wether you are safe and accurate .
    Ps you use the estate rifle for the above usually at little cost a few ús

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    have a word with john robson off here aka yorkshire deer stalking and book an outing as a novice you will learn so much from somebody who knows his ground and deer and all pressure is off you to take it all in even if you don't get a shot it will be rare not to see deer and get up close if that doesn't get you hooked nothing will, atb wayne
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    Most importantly wardleslim81 do let us know how you get on.

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    The dsc 1 is a bit of paper get out with a pro stalker for a few stalks see if you can do some work for local keepers and accompany them on stalks just to observe , nothing bests experiance , you don't need a dsc level 1 to get your fac

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    thank you lads ive spoke to john now and looking at booking a stalking session in next couple of months talk about being like a kid a christmas i cant wait

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