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Thread: Last nights boar

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    Last nights boar

    First boar from my new hunting tower. Sat out last night to try for a boar from my new hunting tower. Went out at 22.00 with the intension of sitting out till 2.00 this morning. Now not being the young man i used to be i fall a sleep easily. So tanked up on red bull i sat there till 2.00 and was just going to unload and climb down when a young male boar showed up. I put the scope on him but thought he was to big to fit in my fridge and as the weather is still over 20 degrees during the day idid not take the shot.
    So i waited about 10 mins to see if anything else would show up and suddenly the feeding area is filled with 2 sows and 8 young. They eat the maize and are very mobile, crunching maize, squealing and chasing each other around. So when i could get a shot i got this 26kg boar.
    A couple of days and i can see the BBQ on the go.
    ​Tip, Never make a hunting tower too comfortable as i was still nodding off even after tanking up on red bull

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    Well done, nice looking boar . First thing on the menu after my wedding next year go get myself a boar.


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    Well done Jagare, a perfect one for the table. Enjoy



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    Nice one mate, looks like the Red Bull did the trick. Was this the young male that we had singled out earlier or another?

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    Hej Toby, Just missed your call. The young male boar i sighted on first was the one you were after. He will still be about when your here in Oct. Still to warm and to many flys to just hang them in the barn. It was a kultingar from the first kulla that i got. If there i any left you may get a taste in Oct.

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    Well done , looks nice

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    Good man Jagare! Sure the BBQ will be great. What will you marinade him in? Red bull per chance?

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    Great eating there Jaggy,and just for the record I can and do fall asleep in the most uncomfortable high seat you have ever been in.........Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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    Weidmannsheil ! Wel done, always nice to get one in a newly build seat.

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    Nice looking boar,
    ​would love a crack at one

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