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    Ladder Test

    Please can somebody explain this in words of one syllable. Noticed mention in a couple of other threads. Seems like a good way to work up new load, but how do you do it and why does it work. Thanks in advance.

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    Incremental increases in powder charge, as in steps/ or rungs on a ladder. Steve.
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    I've posted about my attempts at this before. I used this article as reference - the two challenges I found were:

    finding a spot where I could shoot at long range (400 - 500 yds);
    working out which bullet hole was which.

    I shot at the attached target firing one round per bull, then moving forward and marking it up. It's not easy to follow, so I graphed it. I have attached a graph but it doesn't match the picture as I couldn't find that specific graph.

    The 260 Rem load I've shot in competition with this year was worked up by trial and error with most tests shot at ~150 yds and revisited again and again. I did do a test of the load at 400m before I competed with it. It's the first summer I've only used one load in competition.

    If you want to see more of the details, come round some evening.

    Best regards


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    Dont know if you have also considered the OCW method also?

    I've had amazing results using it.

    Heres a link:

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    +1 on the OCW method - use it to develop for all people I reload for.

    I found that previously when I used the Ladder method (which really relies on shooting at distance) that other variables crept in such as the wind and shooter error + it was a long way to keep returning to the target to mark bullet holes.

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