Just an update on this year’s H4H shoot which was so magnificently supported by so many people this year. The Browning rifle that was donated by BASC and the moderator that was donated by Dane & Co were collected by the prize draw winner from A M Hobbs a few weeks ago. I was away on holiday at the time but hopefully photographs were taken and will appear in the sporting press and BASC magazine at some time in the future.

My wife took a telephone call from the county organiser for H4H last night regarding an afternoon tea party that she had organised in aid of the fund. Many of the cakes sold at this tea party were provided by Mrs Muir (Adam’s wife) for the H4H shoot, and they sold particularly well. In total the sum of over 600 was raised at that event. So once again the members of this site and their better half’s have contributed significantly to the H4H charity. I have to say though that the Union flag cake and the other cakes were rather magnificent and rather special.

Dianna McRae the county organiser for H4H also commented on the venison burgers provided by Bandit Country and .243Varmint. The burgers that she purchased went down particularly well with her family as indeed they did with mine. We are in total agreement that they were the finest burgers any of us have ever tasted. I am now decided that I will be pressing Bandit Country and .243Varmint for their butcher and that the next fallow I shoot will all go to be turned into burgers by this master burger maker.