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    Whelping Box

    I am looking for a whelping box for my bitch who is due in 4 weeks time.

    Before I go out and buy the wood to make one, does anyone have to borrow or to sell one of these corrugated, plastic type ones which to me look a bit more hygienic and wipe clean than wooden ones?

    Here is a picture of what I mean:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am anticipating that as they are take down, they will also be easier to store and less heavy than a wooden one.

    Thank you


    Forgot to mention bitch is a BMH and weighs 20kg for the proportions.
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    If you want to build a cheap and effective box get a sheet of 18mm MDF from B&Q. Ask the store to cut it into 4 (there is no charge for this). Get a pack of cheap laminate flooring (5 bits if you have any lying), sometimes you can get split boxes in the discount bit.

    Screw the MDF together on top of the laminate and run a bead if silicone sealant round the inside. Cut a door about 14" wide down to half way from the top. Two cheap hinges and a bolt and hey presto.

    When the pups get bigger a bit of 2x2 level with the door stops the pups escaping but the bitch to still get in and out.

    Easy enough to clean and store but I burnt the MDF after two litters as the MDF started staining at the bottom but kept the fittings and laminate till next time. Ideal size for labs or springers so probably perfect for you, total cost about 30. Suppose you could put in a bar too if you wanted to. No experience of the plastic ones.


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    I can't think of the name but they do a throw away heavy duty cardboard one
    ​regards pete

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    Hi David,its a pity that you weren't closer,ive got a home made one that my ESS bitch used last year to have her pups in,its got a drop down front which locks up also.shame really.
    Atb john

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