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Thread: custom 22/250

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    custom 22/250

    OPEN TO OFFERS AS WOULD LIKE THE CABINET SPACE.Decided to sell my custom built rifle in 22/250 it has a 1/9 twist Bergara barrel screw cut 5/8x18, 1/2in recoil lug, single shot Borden alpine action, , jewel trigger, fully bedded into mcmillan stock, comes complete with third eye rings. It has a GENUINE round count of 146
    The rifle is heavily built vermin tool and shoots bug holes if the nut behind the butt can, it was built by viper engineering who's teacher was calum ferguson some years ago
    The only possible down side to the rifle would be a mark where the bipod has marked the bottom of the stock.
    F2F or rfd if you like but. Obviously can be shot/viewed
    Any queries please contact me
    Kind regards
    Ps... pm email address for photos as not technology minded enough to post them on here
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    Would sell rifle only for £2000 if anyone interested.

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    Hi mate
    what make is it and do u have any pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxpro View Post
    Hi mate
    what make is it and do u have any pics
    Hi thanks for the inquiry, the rifle is a full custom build so isnt really a "make" as such, and if you wish to see it pm me an email address and id be only to happy to send some pictures or as your not too faw away id be happy to meet somewhere to show it you.
    Regards Jimmy

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    Round count change now 163

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    Bump only rifle available
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    I had a play with this last time Jim was up and boy does it shoot, if your looking for a tack driver look no further. Remmy.

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    Hi there
    i was looking for some 22-250 shells,do you have any knocking about,????"

    cheers allan

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    Hi allan
    Sorry everything's to go as a lot should it go F2F

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