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Thread: Left hand Remington 7mm Rem Mag

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    Left hand Remington 7mm Rem Mag

    Remington BDM 7mm Rem Mag, 24 inch magnum profile barrel screwcut 14x1, Bell & Carlson medallist aluminium bedded stock, detachable 3 rnd mag, Timney trigger, Leupold rings and bases, Simmons 2.5-10x50 whitetail classic scope, ASE Utra compact moderator, original wood stock, Redding die set and approx. 100 rounds of ammunition. Very good condition and only selling as it has had little use.
    750.00. Can be sent to your local RFD.
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    I'd be interested in the Redding Dies if you wanted to sell them seperate

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    I would prefer to sell as complete package, will bear you in mind if the dies are not wanted.

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