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Thread: Hogdon h4895

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    Hogdon h4895

    is there any sign of this coming in any where in the country, and is the shortage due to stockpiling over the pond, in which case they should reach saturation soon. I use this but I am not that desperate yet!!!!

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    its not around me yet but i was lucky to find some on here to keep the 300 and 270 going for a while yet, atb wayne
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    Henry Kranks ( Leeds ) normally have plenty in but ive not been lately !

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    sportarm have? had imr 4895 three weks ago !!

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    We have five lbs of IMR 4895 on the shelf and we will be at the midland on the weekend. I was told by edgar bros that they are out of hogdon powders with the next delivery being ?????????????????????

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    Got two full tubs here if they are any good to someone. Only after what I payed for them. Thanks

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