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Thread: first goose flight of the season

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    first goose flight of the season

    we met at 5 am. we had set out the decoys and sorted out the hides just as light broke. it was a rough morning on anglesey boys the most rain ive seen for months. myself and gelert shared a hide and ems bach and dan shared another. we were on stuble fields about a mile south of llyn alaw lake . first few shots seen a few mallards hit the deck plenty feeding on the stubble . then that sound that makes you lift your hat off your ears to home in on where they are coming from the geese are off the lake. we watched the skeens get closer to our decoys and there voices getting louder and louder keeping your head down for as long as possible. they did not make it easy for us thismornig but we did come home with some geese some duck and some pigs. cheers boys the season is here

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    was out at 4am on the marsh up came the sun and the ducks stayed on the fields still was very nice Attachment 32180

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    Nice morning, well done, yup seasons here thank goodness for that need to get some more marsh time in

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    A great morning it was mate its a shame the eye wasn't in business a good mxed bag.Look forward to the rest of the season now.

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    Very good morning,despite the heavy rain,plenty of geese with the frst for the season secured for us all.
    cheers for the company once again

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