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Thread: Night Vision

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    Night Vision

    I do appreciate that this is a stalking directory predominantly. The name gave me a clue, but by the same token I'm sure that there's a fair proportion of members that do some fox control work, so hence my question. It appears that to a degree, night vision equipment is taking over from lamps. All very well, but this night vision equipment for me is a bit hard to get my head around. I understand the principles of it, but what gets me is the vast difference in the price of the units.

    Why would I buy a 6000 night vision scope when I can also get one for 400 that seems to do the job just fine if you read the reviews? Are the expensive ones that much better? Unfortunately they're not the type of thing you can try out in the shop and asking to take a 6000 piece of equipment home to try for a week would raise eyebrows I think.
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    I have a Starlight Longbow which is at the top end of the price range. Before buying it I tried many digital scopes and to be honest none were a patch on the longbow. There are some excellent American imports, but I went for the Longbow because it is British made and has great service backup. You do get what you pay for but if you do go down the route of a cheaper digital or Gen 1 make sure you never look through a good Gen 3. :-)

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    Nightvision is a bit of a mine field if your not sure what to buy or look for , having owned Gen 2 I have to say it was very good with the right laser but I have tried a Gen 3 unit and the sight picture was amazing....fantastic bit of kit, however I could only dream of spending that amount of money on an NV scope so in short if you have the cash then Gen 3 NV really is the way to go but there are plenty of us that get by with far less expensive kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varmint223 View Post
    if you have the cash then Gen 3 NV really is the way to go...
    Until Gen 4 comes out
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    It all depends what you want to shoot, what rifle its going on and whether you are prepared to dedicate that rifle to night shooting only. I've got an Pulsar N550 on a .22LR for rabbits. A S/H N550 I would guess would be 400ish. There's no need to spend more than that for a .22 rabbit rifle. The slightly high and rearward ergonomics are no issue as there is no recoil; I don't particularly need the rifle for daylight shooting (I've got an HMR and a
    .222) so the sight can stay permenantly attached and there is no need for capability beyond 100 yards (though the N550 will go to 200 with the right IR illuminator). The digital system, which is effectively a camera lens, is an advantage for rabbits because it can be used in daylight so you can shoot from sundown through dusk to full darkness, whereas image intensifiers tubes are damaged by daylight use.

    Higher up the food chain, 1200 and upwards you've got add-ons which attach to a conventional scope rather than replacing it. They can be digital or image intensifiers but you need a level of sensitivity and sophisication that will make use of the rifle's range, so up goes the price. If I wanted NV on the HMR or the .222 I'd use an add-on so the rifle retains its standard scope for daylight use. Either front or rear add-ons would do but for heavier recoilers I'd pick a front mounted system to maintain a normal head position. Most add-ons usually require a parallax adjustable scope to guarantee a sharp image and some scopes work better with add-ons than others. Add-ons are a compromise: an extra layer of glass and optics, and extra weight and length. The ideal and most expensive (4000+)solution for a CF foxing rifle is a dedicated day/night scope like a Longbow. A normal daylight scope that easily converts to NV unit by changing a detachable front end without losing zero or adding excessive weight or length.
    Whatever system you have, you need an IR illuminator. There are various types, all will be 100+ unless you're one of those clever gits who build their own, and they all add weight and require a mounting system.
    The confusing thing about NV is that it is technology that is developing at a rate of knots. Whatever you buy is likely to be superceded and depreciate fairly quickly and you have to be resigned to that. The crucial considerations are: what will it be used for, and at what range; what type of rifle will it go on; how much use will it get. And how deep are your pockets.

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    as above done the acher had a kite now use a photon scope I can see for around 300yrs all I need and shoot to around 200yrs for 600 inc the night master 800 ir lamp and mount leaves cash for more toys later on

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    Digital has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, not because the units have got better it's because the illuminators have come on leaps and bounds. (forget the dearlite, over priced and underperforms)

    I own gen3 which is the dogs danglies but I have one of the new Yukon Photons added a doubler and a 45 T20ir torch it gives me 400 yards reconition and shooting at 8.5x mag I could easily take at shot at 200 yards plus a bit on a good night, what more do you need?

    Photon 400
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marky610 View Post

    Photon 400
    Doubler 130
    T20ir 45
    ​can you post a link to a t20 ir unit please? Can't find it with google unless its a torch with filter.

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    Which doubler are you using on the photon and what calibre have you got it on?

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    All good stuff, thanks for the replies. The main reason for it's use would be fox. As I thought, the market is at present in a state where things are improving at a rate of knots. Love to have a Starlight Longbow, but it'll take a bit of saving up for. But on the plus side, you don't need a separate scope for daylight if what I see/read is true. I shouldn't be surprised if by the time I've got the readies, there's something else....

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