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    What rifle would you recommend in .308 flavour? I would be after a good value for money rifle!

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    Sako hunter short barrel 1400 or there about

    Xbolt in 308 does what it's says on the box. 750 ish

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    Remmy 700 is good and customisable as much as you feel you want , the Howa is also a good action and customisable as well ?

    I love the Sako and out of the box there great but the price reflects that ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Part worn steyr pro hunter second hand 500to 600 a lot of rifle for the money plenty about then put a top class scope on it .

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    A decent secondhand Tikka or Sako at under a grand. Or a Remmy...

    If you fancy a change there will always be a market for the first two especially in that calibre.

    As another example I put a thread on here about another rifle I picked up and what I thought was a good buy. Remmy 700 action, blueprinted, Pac-Nor barrel chambered in 308, Boyd's thumhole laminated stock, pillar bedded, with Leupold rings and bases, 850. Jager cerakoted action and barrel and shortened to 20", recrowned and threaded and fitted a thread protector. 160. I fitted a rail and other rings, I will now add a Jewell trigger to it and lengthen the stock by 1/2" with another pad.

    That's a custom built rifle complete for well under 1500 and having owned a lot of rifles and chamberings over the years I honestly think this is one I will likely keep as no need for anything else for what I use it for.

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    Why not take a look at the Howa for sale in the classifieds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Part worn steyr pro hunter second hand 500to 600 a lot of rifle for the money plenty about then put a top class scope on it .
    job's a goodun

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    I have a howa 1500 varmint in 308 in a standard houge stock. The stock isn't my favourite however it will shoot sub inch at 100 with 150grn cheap privi all day long with no customisation. However I will be having a new stock one day though.

    You won't find a better rifle for the same money as a Howa.



    P.s. sako is my fav though if you can stretch the quality can't be matched

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    As jamross has said, a semi custom for around 1500 would out perform any factory rifle and you get what you want.

    Howa action
    Bergara barrel
    Boyds/Bell and Carlson stock
    Rifle basix trigger
    Threaded and coated

    This for around 1500 which is a about Sako 85 money...but I wouldn't give one house room.

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