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    U caller xtreme

    How do some people get away with putting out utter cr*p?, I am not a big fan of callers myself, bit old school, using just squeekers / styrene on glass etc, I bought a U caller Xtreme on a whim whilst in McAvoy's about two years ago, took it out & malfunction was the result within a few moments of use, in short took it back & McAvoy's arranged a swap within a week, left the replacement in the desk drawer for months, took it out yesterday afternoon / evening,... guess what?.. malfunction, I thought maybe batteries might not be up to it, just broke it down to check it out, "Dry joints are us" came to mind, carefully re jointed the power feed wires, great! works!, changed the call cartridge, screeching from a component on the board, ... it's now apparently dead, I was thinking maybe the first unit was a one off?, but no, the same methods of construction are visible in this one, hot glue gun used to insulate components & hot iron used to melt plastic fixings in place.
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    Yep, the Ucaller extreme did suffer from some severe quality control issues.

    If you can get hold of Brian (the owner) of Wildhunter, I'm sure he would exchange your unit for the new MK3 version. He will be at the Midland on Gunmakers Row if you're going.

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    Steve, get your money back and buy a Foxpro, my Scorpion has accounted for 40 out of the 46 shot since june 6th. There should have been at least 6 or 7 more taken, but were spooked, run and even a couple missed. I don't use it with the lamp, too much ****ting about, but for sitting out, it works a treat. Think it's payed for itself!

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