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Thread: Anyone fish the River Annan?

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    Anyone fish the River Annan?

    I'm booked in for two days at the Hoddom beat for 21st and 28th Sept, are there many fish about in the river yet? Any favourite fly patterns or spinners I should try? Is the worm worth trying, if so on what size tackle? It's a while since I've been salmon fishing now so a bit rusty so any advice would be good

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    All info (including daily catch numbers) here
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    Hi, i have fished the annan twice first time had a salmon of 7lb the second time had one of 20lb and 14lb taken on flying c, all fish were released, seems to be having good returns of salmon each year, heading up for a day in october and also holds some good grayling, all the best graeme

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    Good sized fish those!!.... I have a few flying C's. Thought about worming with brandlings / redworms on pennel hooks (size 10's) on a 12lb or 15lb leader. Have had good success on sea trout and a few grilse on them in the past, but wasnt sure if they were substantial enough (or a meal enough!) for the Annan fish?

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    most folk use black headed lob worms,brandlings are reserved for seatrout.
    Black flying c with silver blade probably most successful.
    Later on in the season a 2"ruby red devon fished as you would a worm works well.
    Using a pennell will probably get frowned upon, a single size 4 or 6 with 2 good black heads on will present itself better than on a pennell.
    I very rarely fished anything heavier than 8lb when worming and 12-15 when spinning,modern braid and fluorocarbon are the way to go.
    Obviously when the water is big then go up a notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by news of the world View Post
    Using a pennell will probably get frowned upon
    Oh dear, been using a pennel set up on size 12's and 14's for all my worm fishing from 1983 to 2005. My bad??? Wondered why all the dirty looks when hauling fish in left, right and centre... I thought it was cos I was catching too many!! Got some black flying c's with silver blades, plus some of those hairy flying c's (no idea what they are called!) so I am halfway there..

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    Try the fish annan website, never fished the hoddom beat.

    I think hoddom the water may have to be above the markers for worm (althou i'm not sure) if u check that site its usually updated pretty reguarly and will have all the rules for ur beat

    Been a poor season so far this year due to the low water but last 5 years has been fishing really well, infact keeping up with the Nith if not beating it and that should never happen when u compare the size of rivers. Think the massive difference in recent times is the annan now return about 70-80% of salmon caught while the nith still chap 70odd %

    My mate runs a beat further up and used to fish hoddom, will get the craic with him later on this week

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    Fished Hoddom water many times in the past there are rules re worming with a marker on the bridge at Hoddom, it is well worth fishing just below the bridge in high water as the fish lie there before going into the next pool just above the bridge having come up from the grave yard pool over a shallow area, had 7 fish there with my Father one day all on copper toby lures. There are also some lovely fly stretches above the bridge pool with fish laying in some runs on the far back caught some good fish up to 18 pounds on Stoat Tail tandems and Collie Dog tubes. Hope you have a great time regards Terry

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    Gentlemen, why not try the fly, it gives the fish more of a sporting chance. it's just as easy, and you can get decent kit nowadays that won't break the bank. It is easier returning fish hooked on a single or double.

    tbh - salmon are really hard pressed, west coast fishery has been in decline for a number of reasons for a number of years, with some of our rivers properly fecked. and sea trout aren't anyway near as prolific as they were a few decades ago - sure I know some rivers are reporting good catches but the trend is really f'ing bad news.

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