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    i will be out in the morning making a keen start on the hinds /does , but i just wondered who else is out and about in the morning ?

    good luck if you are !

    cheers lee

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    I'm at work.... gutted

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    1st nov

    Wifes birthday so I darent
    Deffo out next week though

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    I'm on the road at 05.30 to Ian & Jo's @ Axminster for a three day visit, I think I might take a canoe looking at the forecast, Steve.

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    I'm out morning & evening stalks till end of nov at moment looking forward to it been seeing loads of does and followers.
    hope weather forcast is wrong.

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    Out tomorrow and B**&*%*s to the weather Boy am I gonna get wet

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    thats the spirit lads ******** to the weather , carry on regardless !!


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    Mmmmm - 25mph wind and 22mm rain in between 6 & 9am!

    Out tomorrow morning after Roe or Red - before the Finnbear turns up.

    Me concerned? Nah, I have a schnorkel and that sort of weather means the deer will be sticking to the woods.

    Not so sure about the BDS visit to a Deer Park at 11.00am - think it could be a bit challenging!



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    Just woke up and seen the weather. The real enthusiasts will already be out and about. Good luck to you all and I hope you have got your swimming costumes on and underwater cameras, spear guns to the ready. (wrong post).
    Not going out I'm just jealous.
    My friend has invited me out in a couple of weeks, can't wait.
    ATB and good hunting.

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    just woken up and looked out. Jealousy for you guys has just washed away
    Sure I just saw flipper go past, .308 wasnt it??

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