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Thread: Idleback shooting\hunting chair

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    Idleback shooting\hunting chair

    Selling a few bits off for my uncle who is unfortunately now too poorly to rifle shoot anymore.

    I have an Idleback chair which is in good condition. There are a few paint chips here and there but its only cosmetic. its quite sturdy and comfortable for rifle shooting, or take off front arm and its a shotgun chair.


    If you come to collect you are welcome to root through a few airgun spares he had such as springs , seals, moderators, chrono, scope sunshades, rifle stock, springer webley, pellets, scope and make an offer on that stuff also. I don't know what most of bits are from but will do a deal on anything to get rid of it and raise some funds for him.

    Its all going for a good cause ie nursing home fees!

    Sales blurb below:-
    Standard Combo Chair The Combo Chair is a multi functional shooting platform that can be used for both rifle and shotgun purposes in a supremely comfortable position
    The legs can be fully extended to facilitate a natural, comfortable seating position that allows a simple and fluid way to quickly stand for shots that require a standing position.
    Weight – 21lbs
    Material – Made from quality, Light Weight, Powder Coated Aluminium
    Seating – Upholstered Saddle Seat
    Price - Standard Combo Round Seat 342.92

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    Good luck with the sale !
    This is an excellent piece of kit. I use mine for sitting at the junction of woodland rides, waiting for Muntjac and Roe. It is fully adjustable for uneven ground and for height and angle of rifle-rest. Moves silently and effortlessly to change direction from ride to ride. Also good without the rifle-rest arm for pigeon decoying.
    Has a detachable carrying strap too.

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    Now SOLD thanks for looking

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