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Thread: congratulations to Roobean

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    congratulations to Roobean

    Congratulations to Roobean for passing the final part of her IBEP (International Bowhunters Education Program) course today. Looked slightly nervous shooting out of a tree stand,but nothing wrong with the arrow placement.Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done that girl

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    Nice one, I hope to follow in her foot steps, had my first lesson last week, 4 more weeks to go on the introductory course.

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    Good luck with the course Richard,we had another 12 students pass the IBEP this weekend.Things are moving forward and we are now reconised by BASC.


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    Well done Roobean on passing the IBEP course. I've been interested in bow hunting for some time and would be interested to learn more. I've read info on the British Bow Hunters Association website. Is this the main training provider in the UK or are there any others? Could someone advise me on what would be a good compound bow to start with? I've done some limited archery with recurves previously.

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    Hello Cernunnos
    The BBA is the only club reconised in the UK for the IBEP training. Most people prefer to do the written test online then come and do the 1 day field course and shooting test with us.
    If you know your draw length and the poundage you feel comfortable drawing there are many options of bows out there.If not take a look at the adjustable bows from PSE Archery that you can change the draw length and poundage without a bow press.
    If you contact Tony at The Archery Company, he will help as he is also a bowhunter.If you are a member of the BBA you also receive a 10% discount with Tony. If you are looking to buy a bow and other equiment from him you could save your BBA membership fee.


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    just did the online course, took about 3 hours and actually it was like a mini dsc1! The online certification which is the field day voucher only costs $30 so it's not expensive to get started.

    What the field day all about though, is there more information?

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    On the field day we run through safety,equipment , shooting from tree stands and ground blinds, shot angles.You can fire off some arrows incase you need help with bow tuning or sighting in. We walk a course with 3d targets so you can have a practice shoot. Then when you are happy with your equipment you do the shooting test.
    Its just a relaxed day when questions can be asked and we give you as much info as we can.We dont think people need to be put under a load of preasure you have done the hard bit passing the written test.


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    cheers Gary, so it's really a practical day and then the shoot? I was trying to find out online and one site said you did another 50 questions test as well?

    I don't have a bow and haven't shot in 15 years, I'd say I'm a little bit in need of practice.

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    Hi Gary,
    What would you define as a failed shot?
    What is the target size and distance involved?

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