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Thread: hello from norfolk

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    hello from norfolk

    HI everyone im new to stalking and have booked mysekf on a dsc1 course in october. Been reading some good posts and discussions on here and look forward to joining you all.

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    Hi banshee, Where about are you doing DSC1? Plenty of deer in norfolk, you wont be short of experience if you've got the permission
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    Im doing my dsc1 in thetford. I shoot with a friend who has a little bit of land and I have prospects of gaining permission on a large local farm.

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    Excellent, other halfs grandparents live in Tacolneston so I go out round there when I can. Enjoy the directory, its full of good blokes with tons of experience
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    Im real close to tacolston and some of the land im hoping to be able to shoot on is there.

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    Oh brilliant, always nice to know there are more like minded around. Theres plenty of "large farms" out there, and some absolutely stunning stags moving around at the moment. You know you could of done your DSC1 in Bunwell...
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    Welcome to the site,

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