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    I am going to change my moderator from a T8 but am not sure what to go for, what will give the same noise reduction but is smaller and lighter, I would rather hear from those that have used them than perhaps a biased sales person, thanks

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    I had a T8 a long time ago. I now have an AU-SL5. I like it a lot. Regards JCS

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    From a T8, I went for small but not lighter in a ASE Northstar.
    It is also a reflex design, so the weight is a bit futher back than muzzle-forward cans. Also, it is of stainless steel.

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    I have a hardy from Riflecraft exellent

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    A-tec cm4 worth a look, probably not the quietest but very light... Ideal on your carry rifle.

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    I just sold mine today (Atec Maxim), 'was' a great mod, light and very good reduction...however, I just couldn't live with an ugly rifle anymore, so the mod had to go,,,,not to be replaced.

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    Had a T8, Wildcat, something else and now an ASE Northstar and a Hardy Gen IV (reflex type) which I feel gives the best all-round performance at just 10ozs with a built in muzzle brake.

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    Jet-Z seem to have a good rep for being quiet. I like them but can't compare against the T8 as never used one.
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    There are a few threads ref mods, so have a search.

    IMHO, the Hardy Gen IV is the best mod around at the moment. It's light and over the barrel, and reduces noise sufficiently for what I need. Yes, there are cheaper, lighter or quieter mods on the market, but I wanted a balance of all the elements as I carry it more that I use it!!!
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    Use a hardy gen 4 and it's a really good bit of kit. Quiet, light and really helps with recoil.

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