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Thread: aya cosmos 12g

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    aya cosmos 12g

    hi there
    does any one know how to repair a loose fire pin on an aya cosmos, the gun fires and works fine, but when i have noticed when the barrel is broken if you tip the gun forward the fireing pin pops out. The guns fireing fine, just a bit worried forom a safety aspect really.
    any help would be great
    many thanks

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    That sounds like the tip of the striker has snapped off but its still moving in the channel in the action. You just need to replace the striker.

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    ok great, how easy is it to replace, can i get the new part or do i need to go to a gun smith

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    Not to sure on a Cosmo has it got disc set strikers if not its in the back way that takes time as you'll probably have to pull most of the action to bits. Try chambers for a striker if you can't find one PM me I should be able to order you one from the importer. If it comes as a blank you need a lathe really.

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    hi there,
    not sure what type of striker it is. i will take it apart and have a look, its a hammer type, not sure if all cosmos are though.
    many thanks

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    All the same

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