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Thread: Kennel size ?

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    Kennel size ?

    The wife has eventually agreed to a dog ,but will only agree to a cocker spaniel which I hope to train up for deer but my question is ,as we both work full time we would need a kennel and run in the back garden ,would the run be big enough at 5ft by 4ft or would I require bigger


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    is the five foot by 4 foot plus or including the kennel area/box?

    i have three pens in the back two are 4'wide x8' including the kennel box
    the other is 6' wide x 8' deep including the kennel box both have solid flat roofs over the pen area and the kennel box will take some pics tomorrow for you

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    the kennel box would be 4ft by 3ft and the run 4ft by 5ft


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    Congratulations now you are in for some fun I had a cocker as a stalking dog for 10 yrs. What you have to realise about cockers are they are people dogs they need loads of attention, but when you get them to work for you they are great.
    The first deer that my cocker found he stood on and tried to retreive the second one he tried to drag back to me the problem was that it was a red stag. If you want any advice PM me.

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