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Thread: my new 243 rifle zeroed up

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    my new 243 rifle zeroed up

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    Got my new SAKO 85 SYNTHETIC STAINLESS 243
    made some home loads up
    Went out and zeroed it up
    This is what I ended up with as a 4 shot group
    my set up
    Bushnell Banner 6-18x50 scope
    Jim baker moderator
    norma brass
    Nosler 95gr Ballistic Tip
    N550 powder 40.2 gr
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    Nice work! I shoot 95gr Nosler's too, except with 35 grains of Varget underneath them

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    I did use varget in my 22-250
    But changed when varget was hard to get hold of

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    Well done and nice set up!

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    Which shot was the flyer? Just wondering if it was the cold bore shot. Excellent 3 shot group though, well done!!

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    It was the 1st one the cold clean bore shot

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    That makes sense. Would be worth repeating the group with an already fouled bore to see if first shot accuracy is affected by the fouling/residues in barrel. After all its the first shot that really matters. Great group thereafter, suspect load development is done!!

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    I did repeating the group with a cold fouled bore and got a better group with out the flyer 1st shot very happy with it

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