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    Hi chaps

    I'm looking for a new knife. must be sharp and able to hold an edge, and all so very very easy to sharpen.
    what have we all got


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    mora knife around 12 cheap get the carbon type and a blade tech 10 to put the edge back on dishwasher safe and take a lot of abuse . or buy a hand made job for 200 plus

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    +1 on the Mora.

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    +2 on the Mora, but NOT the carbon blade! It's very high maintenance and doesn't seem to hold an edge any better than the stainless one! If I were you I'd get a pair of the orange handled stainless ones and keep one as a spare or for a clean knife on a second animal? I think mmbeatle was doing a deal on them a while ago?
    Here it is:

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    m s is correct I use the carbon for an all in one use as ribs can blunt the blades but the orange type in the field dressing stage only as it don't get lost as easy others do I also carry the ball tip also made by mora

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    This is a slippery slop, what are you looking to spend? 5 to 500 seems about the range.

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    If your after quality I would go - Alan Wood
    I have had mine a while, they serve me well and are beautiful to look at when I can't get out.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    Another Mora fan here. Ditch the plastic sheath and get a nice leather one from Dougster.

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    Sorry lads should have been a bit more specific.
    I'm after a custom knife.
    I have been looking for a wile but a lot of the sellers just stick a handle on some form of metal and call it a custom knife.
    wile there is nothing wrong with this it is hardly a custom knife just the same as a remmi in a mc Milan stock is a custom rifle.
    and some of the prices are outrageous.
    wright that all said I would still like a nice semi custom knife for stalking with as I do like to see and use a good sharp knife.
    I'm crap at sharpening and would properly have to keep sending it back to the seller for a reshap every now and again as I knacker it up.
    budget is up to a couple of hundred but cheaper if possible.

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    now you are on a slippery slope, dougster does make a good knife by the look of it, have a look on blade mostly from he USA but top quality or emberleaf in Chichester, they are pro sharpeners,tell them I sent you LOL , the list goes on. as to sharpening get a lanskey and practice on a pos you will soon get it right

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