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Thread: How many don't trim their brass cases when reloading ?

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    How many don't trim their brass cases when reloading ?

    We seem to be seeing a fair few questions on reloading that the answer seems to be trim the case to the proper length.

    This has got me wondering how many don't trim or don't even know that cases need to be trimmed.

    One need not spend a small fortune of a trimmer as there are lots of ways to achieve the proper end result. From trim dies or the Lee Trim studs to the case prep stations.

    ​However it's done it's something that must be kept in check.

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    i do with the simple lee hand held trimmers but i have just got a redding heavy duty trimmer i am in the process of refurbing i got it so i could use it not only trimming cases but for other uses also,atb wayne
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    Pistol cases I never trim (don't even clean them), rifle cases I always clean and trim with the lee trimmer.

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    I would put trimming down as one of the essential stages of reloading! If the case is longer than the maximum case length, the neck of the case will eventually migrate into the throat portion of the chamber effectively “pinching” the bullet or severely increasing neck tension, resulting in
    high, or even dangerous pressures!
    I just use a cheap Lee trimmer which slots nicely into an electric drill.

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    i use the lee zip trim ,new brass in my 22,250 and 6.5x55 usually doesn't need doing till the 3rd firing
    and then every firing after that

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    I trim every loading, essential part of the process as far as i'm concerned.

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    Yes, guilty.. I used to shoot pistol and no cases ever grew beyond the trim-to length. When I started rifle reloading it was some time before I "got round" to checking case lengths, currently I sort them by length and put aside any that are over-length in anticipation of buying a trimmer. It seems to take 3 or 4 firings before they go beyond maximum length.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    I trim every loading, essential part of the process as far as i'm concerned.
    I'm in 100% agreement. For accuracy shooting I will find the shortest case in the batch of brass with a vernier and set my Forster trimmer to cut all to that length.~Muir

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    I check the length every time I'm loading, i find some makes of brass need trimming every couple of firings others less often


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    +1 every time I clean and prep I do this most time nothing is removed also prep each neck as well before primer pocket cutting and cleaning my choice just the way I do things

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