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Thread: venison prices

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    venison prices

    What is the going rate for venison at the moment and I say going in to the game dealer.
    Up in Perthshire its the lowest I have seen since the outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
    The price that wee are getting red and roe : was the same ten years ago
    Interested to what other men in the Perthshire getting from the two main dealers that's all

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    The club that I run shoots about 90 fallow each year and I think that we get about 45p per LBS. In November when the rut is over and the does are moving I can have 20 or more to get rid of and I have dropped to 25p per LBS, manly just to get ride of them. I can also remember about 15 years ago one September I shot 2 large fallow bucks and was paid 1.45 per LBS and ended up with over 300. I would appreciate if this sight would have a slot for the standard price of venison, although I can understand this would only be a guide.
    Paul GAP180

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    We drop quite a few reds each year, get between 84p to a 1 a lb. I get in touch with local game dealers to keep an eye on prices.
    They pay more for roe for some reason ?
    There are those out there paying a pittance and then making large margins, personally i'd rather butcher, vaccum pack and give it away, rather than let it go to dealers paying low prices. The only thing is that would do no body any favours!!

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    1.40/kilo up north at shin game last month

    Prices vary on supply and demand so when all the stags were getting dropped at the end of the Scottish season the price was lower.

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    Price of venison

    The price I have been gettting form Yorkshire Game has been 1.80 per kilo

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    Once again we hear the phrase 'get rid of' in relation to deer carcases.... have you all not realised yet that this is the problem... you are going to the game dealer in the frame of mind that he is doing you a favour by taking them and, unsuprisingly, he pulls your pants down! If your deer are correctly prepared, inspected, stored, transported, tagged etc then you should be doing the dealer a favour by letting him buy them. If they are not handled properly then you shouldn't be selling them anyway! To answer the question: I get 2.25/kg for chest shot/in skin fallow and red in Norfolk at present, more for roe and head shot park deer. JC

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    I think you will find it is a supply and demand thing. In Norfolk there are going to be nowhere near the amount of deer going through the system as the scottish dealers handle. The scottish dealers can drive the price down as they have a plentiful supply of carcasses.

    Personally, I belive that there should be a governing body that sets the price so that stalkers and estates get the best price possible. Some estates up here are part of a quality assurance scheme and this gives them a little more revenue. I think that trained hunters producing good carcasses should also gain a premium price as it is the leading bodies that are forcing the ordinary stalker to hold qualifications. Therefore, we should be able to demanad a better price than that of a person that does not hold the qualifications.


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    While the Quality assured scheme is all well and good, it costs money to subscribe to, but only gives 10p more per kilo on the carcass.
    You'd need to put something like 500 carcasses+ through your larder to make it worthwhile financially.

    I think I'm still getting 1.70 per kilo atm.

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    I can't comment on the red venison trade in Scotland as I have no direct experience but I don't believe that distance or location is a major factor in England otherwise I wouldn't have dealers from Sussex and Devon contacting me to try and buy carcasses. Quality and consistancy of supply are important factors. I agree that genuine, qualified stalkers and deer keepers should get a premium but that is up to them to negotiate. What is more to the point is that the cowboys should not be able to sell their venison at all if the Police, Dealers, Trading Standards, EHO etc were doing their jobs properly. I don't think that a govening body setting a minimum price is a good idea; was the minimum wage a good idea? Ask a farmer if the Milk Marketing Board and the various buying groups are a good idea? Do we as stalkers like being told what to do by govening bodies? every other post on here ends up running down some or other form of authority. JC

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    Given that the roe in my area sell for approximately 75p/lb, then I would have absolutely no hesitation in a minimum payment. I do however take your point and it is well founded with your examples. If dealers are travelling from afar to collect, then this puts you in a better position than most to negotiate a high price.

    You also touch on the dealers themselves and this is exactly where I think there is a massive downfall. Many are still prepared to take in poached venison and this will also have an adverse effect on prices. What is diabolical, is when a dealer takes in poached venison and is prosecuted for dealing in poached venison.........then is allowed to continue trading or open another premises and carry on again. The same also have a tendancy to declare themselves bankrupt, close shop only to re-open in the future. The industry has a lot to consider to ensure a supply of good wholesome venison culled legally and treated correctly before hitting the food chain. In the main, I would suggest that it is not a bad industry but there are vast rooms for improvement.

    I think a glass of wine is in order now. 8)

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