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Thread: Rough shooting and duck flights

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    Rough shooting and duck flights

    Walked up pheasant and woodcock available.
    Excellent rough shooting ground consisting of mainly pheasant and woodcock, approximately 100 acres of good spaniel ground.
    Fed duck ponds available to shoot over.
    85 p/p per day which consists of a full day rough shooting and a evening duck flight, no bag limit
    days available from late oct/early nov.
    pm me for more .
    ​many thanks, Scott

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    Pm sent lad

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    pm sent

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    How many guns would you need to make up a group,and would we need to bring our own dogs?

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    fair do that .

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    hi interested in days pheasant & woodcock shooting, im single gun would you have a place with another group or can i come just me & my dog, in pheasant & partridge syndicate but not a lot of woodcock, like it for experience on woodcock for my pointer. thanks.

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    you have pm

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    Sorry for the mistake but the ground is a 1000 acres and not 100 acres as advertised.

    many thanks,
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    Have you had any rough shoots yet this year? Any reports? See you in November.

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    Hi All,

    Just got back from a great few days up in D&G. Myself and three friends went up on Friday night and were met by Scott at Fordbank B&B. After a warm welcome and a complementary beer, we headed up to where the shooting was to take place for a duck flight (we booked an extra one on top of the one included in the package).

    After a cuppa and a chat with the guys who were to take us out, we split into two teams of two and headed to the flight ponds. We were watching woodcock flighting out of the wood onto the fields to feed as the light dropped before the teal arrived. Boy did they arrive! A mad 20 minutes of non-stop action resulting in 8 teal down and picked. Great sport! We only stopped because we thought we had shot enough. The teal were still trying to get in as we were picking up. The two other guys did better, getting 10 teal.

    When we got back to the farm, we had a quick drink with our shooting host before heading back to the B&B.

    We arrived back at the B&B to a roaring fire and cold beers. Hospitality at its best! We had a few drinks and warmed our feet before a quick change and (kindly) a lift down to the pub in Bladnoch by Scott. We ate there, the food very good, open fire in the bar and of course a few beers, which lead onto probably a few too many whiskeys!

    On Saturday morning, we were all up, feeling a bit rough around the edges but were met with a full breakfast and coffee/tea on tap, just what was needed to set us up for the day. The ground we were rough shooting over was a really good mix of wet rushes, gorse and scrub with a few woods dotted about. Really good woodcock and snipe ground too. We walked off our headaches, covered some miles and had a decent amount of shots at some pretty challenging birds.

    At lunchtime, we stopped for a drink at the farm and found a big spread laid on for us by Scott, home made soup, sandwiches, pork pies, crisps and hot sausages. Was great!

    After lunch, feeling more human than the morning, we went to walk in some Kale and small strips of woodland, we had plenty of shooting, some good retrieves (really good land to work your dogs over) and most importantly, good banter with not only the guns but also Paul and Phil who were our beaters/guides.

    At the end of the day, we were beat, lack of sleep, hang overs, loads of fresh air and covering a few miles had meant we were feeling it. We headed to the flight ponds (swapping round from the previous night) where we all had a few shots, shooting more teal, snipe and a crow.

    That night, we had a more sedate evening, eating again at the Bladnoch Inn, but not indulging quite as much!

    We had a great stay with Scott, the Fordbank is the best B&B accomodation ive stayed in in Scotland in that price bracket. My room (number2 for those who want to get the best room!) had a huge bed with a great mattress, nice and clean and a massive bathroom, complete with double jacuzzi bath (you could easily fit in several females and yourself!) Scotts hospitality was spot on, he couldnt have been more helpful.

    We ended up shooting 49 head between 4 of us over 2 duck flights and a days rough shooting. A good mixed bag with pheasants, snipe, woodcock, teal, pigeons and some vermin such as the odd crow, fox and rabbit.

    I couldnt fault the whole experience really, no hidden catches or costs. Just a really good deal.

    Thanks to Scott but also to Les, Phil and Paul who were also most welcoming.

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