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    Gunshop Experience

    I bought a new shotgun earlier today. I bought a Browning 525 Grade 1 game 12g left hand.

    I bought it from Malmo guns in Lancaster which is a fair trek from Selby but they were massively cheaper than anywhere else and they had the 30 inch barrel I wanted.

    I was pushing and pushing for an even greater price reduction and was dealing with somebody who could make that decision. After I had pushed right down on price he said that he simply could not go lower but if I needed anything else from the shop he would massively discount that to make up for it.

    I really did not need anymore gunslips, coats etc. So I asked if they had any reloading kit.

    Not much was the reply but they took me for a look.

    They really did not hold much, but I spied some brass and asked if they had any 270 Winchester. So they rumage and rumage a bit more and find 2 sealed bags of 100 cases with 270 Winchester brass in it.

    They must have been there years, they were marked up at 24.00 per 100.

    He immediately says 40 for both the bags. To which I reply DEAL!

    He then rumages a bit more and finds another bag and throws that is for free as he says he cannot see them selling it as its all being run down.

    So not only did I get my new gun far cheaper than anywhere advertised I got 250 .270 cases for a knock down price

    All I need now is for my Rock Chucker reloading kit to turn up from my friend in the U.S. and I am laughing.

    Oh and some really nice people turned up this evening and bought my Beretta Urika for a good price. They were both into stalking and doing their DSC2 but had not been on this site so I have steered them in.

    All in all. A good day.


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    Even Dick Turpin wore a mask you know!

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    Malcolm who created Malmo is a great ambassador for shooting and for how a gunshop should be run. Hope you didn't treat him too rough or he will have to put his prices up.

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