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Thread: A fantastic weekend

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    A fantastic weekend

    Earlier this year I answered a thread on this site. A member "Bazil" was looking for a lift from Keswick to the SD fair at Kelso. I picked him up on my way and we had a great day at the fair, sharing stories. & experiences. By the end of the day I felt that a good friendship had been formed and promised to take Baz up on his offer of a weekend stalking on his ground. I had mentioned that I would love to shoot a muntjac buck and he said there were loads on his ground.
    Well a weekend was arranged and I travelled down to his house on Friday.
    I was welcomed into his house like one of his family and Friday evening we went out wild fowling to a stubble field where the geese had been flying all week, well only one small skein came over and out of range so we called it a day.
    0500 hours the next morning we were out stalking. My brief was red, roe, fallow or munty, take your pick. So after a few hours stalking we sat in a high seat for a couple more hours. As we made our way back to the car I could see that Baz was somewhat disappointed, we had not seen a single deer.
    Back at his house his wife had a full cooked breakfast on, and it was good.
    Baz then spent a couple of hours pondering wild fowling again or stalking? We had an evening meal and went fowling, not a single goose to be seen as we retired laughing about it.
    0500 hours Sunday morning and out stalking again on another patch. We were out for what seemed ages and had stalked most of the ground with nothing seen. Then only feet in front of me a red hind stood up from some bracken and made off. This left me thinking, if I didn't see a red hind in the bracken what chance did I have of seeing a munty?
    On we went when all of a sudden I saw something move to my right in the undergrowth, I stopped, set up my sticks, put the rifle on and observed. I've heard of various calls for deer but I can assure you the Tarzan call on Baz's phone didn't work. The movement was never identified and we moved on. We stopped on top of a banking and Baz used the butalo this time with no affect. Then a munty buck had a right good bark at something in the woods we had just come from.
    We made our way back around and as we rounded a corner I froze. 100 yds ahead was a munty on the path browsing on the shrubbery. I set the sticks, put the rifle on and observed a munty doe, but before I could steady the cross hairs she stepped forward only leaving her mid to rear end on offer. I was not prepared to take a gut shot and she walked off. I'd just seen my first wild munty and as Baz said she might come back out (I think none of us really thought she would) then a monster of a buck appeared following her path. I wasted no time and released a 100 grain siera pro hunter home load in .243 cal. The buck jumped and lunged forward into the shrubbery.
    Baz said "did you see the antlers on that?"
    To which I replied while shaking like a shi77ing dog "oh yes"
    As we advanced I pointed out where he had been stood and where my bullet had entered the ground as I expected him to be lying just off the path. Then movement in the bracken 10 yds away distracted us. We watched and waited before advancing, a spot of blood but no buck. I had a horrible sinking feeling as we searched around without success.
    Questioning myself, did I pull the shot? Did I not take out a shoulder? Was that not arterial blood?
    Then I got a grip, went back to the shot site down on hands and knees and started to track the blood spots. I indicated to Baz that it had gone in the opposite direction than first thought.
    Then he said "get over here" lying on the floor 20+ yards from where it was shot was the 2nd only munty I had ever seen and he was a fantastic buck. Well the feeling was indescribable and if I can load a picture on here my grin says it all. The shot was perfect. In left shoulder, through the heart and out through a golf ball size hole on the right shoulder. This little bugger did 20+ yards through bracken with a heart shot & no front legs, incredible.
    Back to Baz's for a BBQ lunch before setting off home with my munty.
    To be honest it would have been a fantastic weekend even if I hadn't seen a deer. The company was great & hospitality second to none. The munty was just icing on the cake & the quality of the buck a cherry & sprinkles on top. Thanks Baz & Ali for a great time and thanks SD without this would never have happened
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    Great work all round!

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    Hiya you were more than welcome mate me and alli enjoyed the whole weekend and I can't wait til the end of the month oh yea Kitty is looking for that comfy lap, see soon bazil& Alli

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    I was enjoying your write up so much i had to skip a few lines after the shot was fired, im so glad it was there for you sounds like you lads had a great time, Well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinga View Post
    Great work all round!
    +1 Well done !


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    Here is the happy chappy

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ​ill have a read when I've finished work bud. Well done all the same.
    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

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    Well done wings and bazil that's what makes the site

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    Just read it on my dinner. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Nice one guys.
    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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    Nice write up mate and lovely looking buck well done all of you!!
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    Spit roast round at Wingy's this weekend?

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