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Thread: Benefit (or otherwise) of Large Moderators

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    Benefit (or otherwise) of Large Moderators

    What's the benefit (or otherwise) of large moderators, such as the Pez shown on this Sako 75? Do they perform much better than shorter moderators and enough to offset the surely awkward handling?

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    There very good for clubbing the beast to death when you've fu..d up the shot
    other than that useless
    regards pete

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    Useless in what sense Pete, no quieter or just not enough to justify such a ridiculously long and heavy chunk of metal on the end of the barrel?

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    I have to disagree there i think the pez is one of the quitest mods available ,atb wayne
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    Quieter enough to justify the added weight and length Wayne?

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    depends on who is shooting it!

    I agree the PES is one of the best for sound attenuation
    the trade off is weight (not size).

    I have a 6.5mm bore PES T12 scout, not very long, very little of it protrudes past the muzzle, but on a .243 I have yet to come across a moderator that compares for sound reduction.

    its a heavy lump though and I use for clubbing seal cubs in the summer......

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    lol and thanks bewsher. The reason for my interest is that my hearing is frankly screwed. Whilst not keen at all to add such a chunk to the end of the rifle, if it contributes to reducing the sound level and stave of the inevitable deafness a while longer, it may be worth considering. Is the type which you say does not extend too far beyond the end of the barrel a different model to the one in the picture above (which appears to extend quite a long way beyond)?

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    Go for something like the Hardy Gen IV. Light and over the barrel. Not as quiet as the PES or a T8, but its a great balance (pardon the pun) between weight and sound reduction as well as not adding too much to the end of the rifle.

    If at the range, then ear defenders are mandatpry where I shoot, and the occasional shot in the field isn't too harsh. You could always get some ear protection from Hearing Protection Shooting Ear Plugs from CENS - Ear Defenders when in the field...

    This won't be a cheap option, but you'll keep most of what hearing is left!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm160 View Post
    Useless in what sense Pete, no quieter or just not enough to justify such a ridiculously long and heavy chunk of metal on the end of the barrel?
    For stalking purposes there are mods out there a quarter of the size that will reduce noise
    just as well
    who wants to be carrying a something as big as that about also I think it also makes the
    rifle look awfull just my opinion
    I had one of the first lei mods out but it was on a big foxing rig but no bother as eveverything was shot off the
    roof so the heavier the better
    ​regards pete

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    there are other advantages to the heavier mods, muzzle weight significantly reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil, the over barrel design achieve better balance than muzzle cans, so whilst they may be heavier a lot of the additional weight is further back towards the centre of balance. Granted if I was hill stalking and carrying it miles I would look for smaller lighter alternatives but for lowland and high seat stalking, if your hearing is your reason for doing it then it is widely regarded that the PES t12 is one of the best for sound reduction.
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